Step One – Water Damage Assessment

It is important to understand that  water damage restoration is  not a “one size fits all” type of situation. We have experience dealing with problems ranging from cleaning up after a simple water leak to catastrophic flood damage. Depending in part on the type or “class” of water damage, Bumblebee will perform a detailed water damage assessment to establish the best course of action to restore your home or workplace.

Still Leaking?

If you are experiencing ongoing water intrusion from plumbing issues or mechanical failure, it’s not too early to call.  Our 24-7 Rapid Response Team can immediately address the situation, and if you haven’t found a plumber or contractor yet, we can assist with getting your problem fixed.

Once we have determined that there is no more water entering your home or business, we use high tech equipment in order to determine exactly how much water or flood damage you have sustained:

  • Flir infrared cameras which can see through walls, locating moisture with pinpoint accuracy
  • Flir digital sensors which can detect how much water is in carpet, flooring, drywall, and framing
Water Damage Assessment Ormond Beach